In 2017 we secured planning approval to create 160 new homes and a five-storey multi-storey public car park, with commercial space on the ground floor.

We carried out some enabling works in anticipation of delivering this scheme, including constructing a new road and diverting some important service infrastructure.

However, we think that the multi-storey car park in the old plans is not right and not needed. It does not support our vision for the town centre, our efforts to tackle the climate emergency, or push to reduce traffic and congestion. In addition, our town-wide parking capacity studies tell us that we don't need the extra space. We think that a much better scheme is possible and that using the site to provide more homes is the right thing to do.

CGI view of the out of date consented scheme. Proposed heights range from 3-7 storeys

CGI view of the out-of-date consented scheme

The consented scheme has lapsed and is out of date in terms of current policy and regulatory compliance. There is also no longer a requirement for a multi-storey car park on site. Proposed heights ranged from 3-7 storeys.