The main objective for this project is to deliver much needed new housing, including affordable homes and make better use of this site.

Our ambition is to get best value for taxpayer's money, and work sustainably. That means getting a good number of homes on the site and re-using the existing infrastructure like the road that runs through the site, rather than digging it up. It also means getting as much affordable housing as we can - with a target of 40%. The rest of the homes will be for sale, which will help to fund the cost of the project and provide the affordable homes.

We think that there is the potential for about 240 homes here, in a range of building types from apartment buildings to houses and duplexes with a taller building to the northern end of the site, where the local topography makes this possible.

We are trying to strike a balance with car parking that reflects the site's close proximity to the town centre and transport links whilst being realistic about the fact that many people still require a vehicle and may choose to live elsewhere if we do not make some provision. We are looking at providing about 120 spaces. Parking areas will be located on the site where the opportunity to put buildings is constrained.

Our early proposals show that we will use brick and other high quality materials that reflect the kind of buildings you see in Guildford. Colours, textures and brick patterns will add depth and interest to the buildings, whilst ensuring that they look as good in ten years' time as they will on day one.

The site layout we are showing is the result of a lot of careful consideration by our design team. We have looked at lots of options, but we think there is only one layout that works well.