The landscape strategy for the site is really important to us.

We want to create a variety of green spaces within the new development that will include formal play spaces, naturalistic green space and a large communal podium garden.

An active place
Proposed new neighbourhood

We will retain trees where possible and complement these with additional tree planting, native species hedgerows and species rich grass.

We know that flooding is a real issue for Guildford and have carefully considered this aspect of the scheme. The site sits outside of Guildford’s flood zones, but we still need to take steps to ensure that rainwater is carefully managed to avoid problems elsewhere. We plan to include features like sustainable urban drainage to manage rainwater on site.


Below are a sample of indicative images that will inspire our approach to landscaping:

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A landscaping strategy that allows the community to interact with nature.

Image 1
Ecological habitats

Our landscaping strategy will promote ecological habitats.

Image 2
Attractive public realm spaces

Our landscaping will complement the public realm and make them desirable places to be.

Image 3

We plan to use hedgerows and trees as a buffer between transport routes and communal spaces. Creating a healthy and safe space that all can enjoy.

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Building with nature

We hope to incorporate active green spaces and nature into our structures.

Image 4

Our approach will ensure a biodiversity net gain.